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Still not getting the gist? See below...



Is the store separate from the event space?
Yes, the store is in the front and the event space is in the back. We just shoot the majority of our items back there for the MOOD. We also don’t share store photos very much because it changes so often, but it’s loaded with hundreds of smalls and mediums, clothing racks, and larger furniture.
What does your “Kind of / OPEN” sign mean?
While we have weekend hours from Friday to Sunday, we’re there every day shooting product, making appointments or running events. If you’d like to set a time to visit outside hours, by all means, call or send a message.
I’m on the fence about one of your items. Do you negotiate?
All the time, though we might hold out a bit if we just listed it. That said, if you’re buying more than one thing or we’re in the same ballpark, never hurts to try. You really can’t offend us, and we’re likely looking to make room for new stuff anyway. 
I want to buy something, but can’t pick it up right away. Do you hold things? 
Sure, with payment. Whether you order on or Venmo through Instagram, we just ask that you grab it within a week or so (especially big things). Please note: It’ll be your responsibility to keep track of your stuff. If an item has been unclaimed for 30 days, we’ll have to put it back on the floor without a refund. No offense.
Does the store offer consignment options?
Nope, we only buy. 
How can I sell things to you?
You can text photos of the things you’d like to sell to our store number,

414-982-5020. We might make an offer or suggest another place to try. Bringing things in is fine too, we just don’t want folks lugging stuff around when we might not buy. 
-        Remember, only pre-1980s here. 
-        We don’t offer much for clothing, as our stock is often thrifted in bulk. 
-        Sorry, there isn’t a market for China or sewing machines right now. 
-        We rarely deal in collectibles.
How do you come up with your offers?
We make offers against what we normally find things for, can sell them for, or how much space we have. But there’s absolutely no pressure. We want you to get what you want, though a word of caution: while the internet can be a good tool for pricing, please keep in mind that sites like Chairish, 1stDibs, Etsy, and even eBay can greatly inflate the value of and/or what people are willing to pay for an item. Especially in Milwaukee. 



What is this portion of the business, technically speaking?
It’s an assembly hall with a liquor license. Both the store and space are called Dandy, but they’re separate businesses on paper. 
How does booking work?
Think room rate + bar and applicable service fees. Room rate depends on day of the week, number of people, and type of event. Hit the Contact Us button, select event, and share that info to get the breakdown.
Any rules with the bar?
Yep, and we can go over them in greater detail if you’d like, but the main thing is to think of it as a regular bar, so no BYOB allowed. 
Do you provide bartenders?
Yes, we partner with Pour Inc, a mobile bartending company. They've been here hundreds of times with wonderful people and great service.
Why should we book at Dandy over comparable venues?
While there are a ton of great places in town (which we’ll recommend should it not work out), we’re a literal mom and pop with a setup that allows us to work the majority of our events. And when you have less overhead, you're able to offer more savings and customizations.
-        Vintage furniture/décor, tables, chairs, and audio/visual all included. 

-        An extremely flexible bar with little or no minimum.
-        No catering restrictions beyond a $1-per-person catering fee.         
-        A service fee that's less than the industry standard. 
Is anything for sale in the event space?
Only some things, which we’ll point out if you’d like to explore.

And as a separate FYI...
So wait, are you called Dandy, Live Dandy, The Dandy or what?
It’s just Dandy, and “livedandy” is our Instagram username (“live” as in “living life”). Not sure where “The Dandy” thing came from, but it seems to be a common misconception that can also screw up SEO/mapping nav, so just throwing that out there!

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